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File 157769840569.jpg - (406.70KB , 720x1184 , 2019123004125110.jpg )
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Hey folks! It's been a minute, but I'm back. Thought I'd make a dedicated thread for people to post their masked pics in the hope of stimulating this place a bit. I took this one recently and wanted to show it off; hope you like it!
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>> No. 1061
File 163774750691.jpg - (2.66MB , 4608x2080 , IMG_20210802_055455.jpg )
Top-view with Rona.

As you can see, there's a lot of new things on that pic - a denim dress, a new wig and new silicone gloves.

The denim dress is a lot like the cute black dress I bought, but obviously with a different kind of fabric. It's almost as short as the previous one, though, so it's meant to be provocative.

The wig is a "Rapunzel" kind of look, reaching down below my bum, and full of curls. It's a very natural ginger look, making it one of my favorites because of everything.

And the gloves...well, they're shorter and thinner, and they came in with the nails glued. Of course, the glue isn't very good, since the nails started falling almost immediately, but it's nonetheless a great addition to my look. The hands look a bit slimmer AND more feminine, which is what I wanted in the first place.
>> No. 1062
File 163774779829.jpg - (2.25MB , 4608x2080 , IMG_20210807_013127.jpg )
Alright, so for starters - not what I was intending for, mostly because the breastplate absolutely doesn't match the mask, but...

I bought a mask and a combination of breastplate and pants to see if I could change my look drastically, but the effect was...well, you can see. This is a Kathy mask, but in the darkest possible tone - meanwhile, the breastplate/pant combo is several tones lighter, which leads to this.

I'll be on the lookout for a fitting mask, or maybe a breastplate/pant combo that's darker.

Note that it's not my intention to appear offensive. A lot of mask-makers focus mostly on Caucasian or Asian looks, making this mask a bit too striking. I just wanted to change my look from the usual.
>> No. 1063
File 163774809030.jpg - (2.02MB , 2080x4608 , IMG_20210810_054818__01.jpg )
And I'll finish this photo dumping with a mask you've seen before, but I didn't have time to explain.

Yes, this is the Hathaway mask. I caved in since it's a more "European/Western" look, and to celebrate, I got all the pieces of clothing I liked the most - the sleeveless "rockstar" blouse, the jacket/jeans combo, the choker and the knee-high boots.

Compared to the Haena, the Hathaway doesn't allow for actual smiling, but it fits so good. It's almost dreamy how it fits my face, even though it makes it look a bit cheeky and puffy. It's also nicer to red-hair wigs, which is a plus. About the only minuses besides the lack of smiling ability is that the brows are painted rather than implanted.

So, whaddya think? Any looks I nailed? Looks I didn't?

File 16323190242.jpg - (2.58MB , 1284x2283 , 9A76471A-63B5-43FD-98FF-B52B61369FDA.jpg )
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what do people think about the future of masking? is the technology going to improve significantly, or is there little room for improvement from the designs we have today?

also where are we all hiding nowadays? guessing we’re all on reddit, facebook, twitter, or moved on past our degeneacy
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>> No. 1034
File 163364624542.jpg - (2.82MB , 4608x2080 , IMG_20210810_054346.jpg )

Well, a bit of motivation always goes a long way.

That said: I guess most people have mostly moved on, either going deeper or using social media to promote themselves.

I'm doing kinda like Jess now - lurking, watching for new posts, not using social media. I've been tempted at times to get into the Female Masking subreddit, but...eh, don't feel very comfortable using a subverted entry (so to speak).

Pic is also fairly recent, showing some of the new additions. Suffice to say that's the longest wig I have.

P.S.: Really jealous of how you look, Kylie. I don't think I can achieve that kind of look - only now attempting eyeshadow and magnetic eyelashes to improve the look.
>> No. 1035
File 163408614817.jpg - (258.50KB , 992x1786 , P8080074.jpg )
You know, I'm always lurkng in the /d/ threads, thinking maybe I should post a link for the people into the real-life stuff, but it just feels wrong to self-promote and I feel paranoid that I'll piss off a mod so I never do. Think anybody would be interested?

Also, here's another blond one with a more classic outfit.
>> No. 1037
File 163432453250.jpg - (2.56MB , 4608x2080 , IMG_20210802_055009.jpg )
Maybe not in the Bodysuit thread, since it's essentially for drawn stuff. Maybe on the photo boards, since /d/ is meant to be for drawn stuff?

Pic showing off another of my masks.

File 133896756225.jpg - (210.79KB , 1118x1542 , P5120177.jpg )
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Here's these for now.
I'll post more when I feel like it, I guess.
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>> No. 1005

Oh wow...that's a May with breasts, or neckless with a separate breastplate? (Or neckless + full bodysuit? I know you've said that on the subReddit...)

That's definitely such a nice pic - simple-looking, but projecting just the right mix of cute and sexy. The blurring effect makes eyes focus only on you, which is a plus.

(Kinda feel disappointed that the only thing I can do is take selfies with my phone.)
>> No. 1006
It is indeed only may with breasts :)

also thanks for the kind words ^^
>> No. 1036
File 163408624025.jpg - (124.08KB , 765x1975 , PC130042.jpg )
And, much later, here's a pic with just the new booty to show what a difference just adding some hip, butt, thigh padding can do.

Maybe I'll get around to the unboxing and showing what I got while pretending it's all new (since I took the pics then).

File 139967069637.jpg - (214.68KB , 687x972 , masks.jpg )
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Can we talk about masks? What is your favorite mask? What is the best-looking mask? What's the best mask for someone who doesn't have a lot of money?
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>> No. 941
Hmm...can't really tell you, but I do know the Metamorphose Masks run pretty tight. I don't have the Elektra, but the Femme Fatale also has small eyeholes, and visibility can be painful. (Think of it as if wearing glasses when you don't need them.)

That said; every mask will distort a bit to match your face shape, so there'll be always a bit of a gap. Most of the masks I've worn (in particular the Taylor) make enough of a gap to cause me to breathe through the eyeholes rather than the eye nose.

The best bet is to measure your head circumference, and probably venture for a larger head size mask with something to pad it. Wearing a mask is kind of a gamble, after all.
>> No. 996
Has anyone tried using paste on eyebrows or eyebrow tattoo decals on masks without eyebrows?
Do they work well and stay on, or would they damage the mask?
I am looking at the eyebrows from Headcovers.
>> No. 997

Can't really tell you, but that'd probably depend on the adhesive. I wanted to try using the same technique some female impersonators do to work some brows, but never got to it, since I often ask for masks that have implanted eyebrows. That said - most makeup does stick to silicone for a long time (eyeshadow is one of those).

Probably it'd stick, but slip off just as fast.

File 158244647567.jpg - (776.23KB , 972x1296 , uri_mh1582443237179.jpg )
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New sesh, just one picture for tonight. Double posting because Carla is mildly AWOL. I really like this one, enjoy~

File 145381032588.jpg - (2.20MB , 4096x2304 , 1.jpg )
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Ho boy an heavy box coming from the USA, wonder what could it be...
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>> No. 457

You just need a bit more care with your wig.
>> No. 458
damm girl looking very nice hope to see more pictures of you around still stay a shame i cant find anybody a normal proximity :P

such a shame
>> No. 460
Well done Bestan. You look realistic :3 Have fun ! ^^

File 149317402240.png - (2.11MB , 1440x2560 , Screenshot_2017-04-25-22-33-41.png )
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Im indecisive and cant make up my mind about whether I want the playgirl or the doll...i mean big breasts who can resist? Ahah anyways anyone have any feedback on these?
>> No. 539
Never owned one myself so I'm not exactly an authoritative voice, but I've always thought the Playgirl looked just a touch more realistic. Besides, I think you'd find that C cups are plenty big enough. Up to you though, if you want the bangers then by all means go for 'em.

File 146881942997.jpg - (399.65KB , 1201x2290 , P7130123.jpg )
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So, I'm not dead yet...

Here's that pic that anon keeps pestering me about... not the most flattering angle IMO, but I wanted to include the post number and this was about the only one I could get with my eyes open... stupid fast blink reflex! More, better, pics to come soon, when I feel like it (or I get pestered enough). More info about the new mask soon too.

In other news, been continuing to murder myself with work, but I've got a new plan for fixing that, so maybe that will ease up soon.
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>> No. 480
File 146977706990.jpg - (292.40KB , 1567x1175 , P6300029.jpg )
but I promised anon some pics
>> No. 481
File 146977719323.jpg - (2.15MB , 4240x2878 , P6300030.jpg )
...so here's some full-res glory for dat skin texturing.

I guess I'll probably do some with and without glasses, and I'll try adjusting the wig a bit more next time.
>> No. 669
File 154822965096.png - (1.71MB , 4299x6071 , 1547048546190.png )
I have to ask, how many of you are transitioning or otherwise transgendered,and how many of you just think of it as a crossdressing fetish?

File 152987466357.jpg - (949.27KB , 3088x2320 , 18AB1BD4-C4A6-410D-BF35-45AE83A9664F.jpg )
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But I got my Taylor in the beginning of the year and I was a major lurker here before.

Also, I’m Danielle Bittencourt on Facebook if anyone of you guys wanna befriend (even though I was thinking of quitting there an creating an Instagram account instead).

My makeup looks shit and I need adhesive but thats how I look so far.
>> No. 640
File 152987487618.jpg - (1.34MB , 3088x2320 , FBDDC761-9058-4084-9974-28B79A72DEDD.jpg )
Filler comment
>> No. 641
Looks good

Adhesive? You bought the applied version?
>> No. 642

Its not the applied version as I bought it second hand but apparently adhesive works in both but glues less in the normal version (because its already tacky). I will just glue the key areas.

I’m thinking of buying the applied version later because I love her so much already, and then I’ll sell this one.

File 134164635577.jpg - (130.07KB , 520x738 , 4477455.jpg )
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>> No. 295
File 139623797735.png - (319.70KB , 630x478 , SPM012.png )
Doesn't bother me any.

That reminds me of a lesser known anime I've seen that's semi-related.
In 'Space Pirate Mito', the main character's mother wears some sort of robotic suit to not look like a child. Pic related, shows some of the various suits she has... couldn't find a gif.
>> No. 296
Ah, I remember seeing one or two episodes and seeing her with the suit, though it is operated like a mecha.
I was actually the one who made those animated gifs from video clips I had.
>> No. 627
3D animation of a guy climbing into a girl suit:

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